Yoruba forum pleads with Southwest, Nigerian youth to avoid violence

From Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

The Yoruba Appraisal Forum (YAF) called on the people of the Southwest and the youth of Nigeria to resist the temptation to break the peace in the region, urging them to flee certain groups and individuals campaigning for an independent Yoruba nation state in order to destabilize the region and the country.

The forum also urged young people to exercise great caution and vigilance to avoid being unwittingly used to destabilize the country by unpatriotic groups and individuals, warning that participation in any unpatriotic activity could have serious consequences on them as individuals, the South West and Nigeria in general.

In a statement by its national coordinator, Adeshina Animashaun, made available to journalists in Abuja, the forum also called on the government, various security agencies and other major actors in Yorubaland and the country to take up the challenge and ensure that no individual or group violates the peace or incites violence.

He advised the federal government and the governors of the six southwestern states to ensure the deployment of a sufficient number of security agents throughout the region as well as throughout the country in order to strengthen security and prevent any plan by any group or individual to incite violence.

He also urged all young people to keep the peace, oppose terrorism and agitation for secession by groups or individuals posing as chaos and endangering life and property. inhabitants of the Southwest and Nigeria.

“We are a law-abiding and patriotic organization whose main goal is the unity of all Nigerians in a very peaceful and progressive atmosphere. We cannot just sit back and watch a few criminals in the name of secession unleash terror in the Southwest. We must collectively strive to secure peace on our farm in the South West and in our dear country as a whole.

“Our fight for peace is a fight of all against these enemies of the state and must not be left to the government alone. We must all be vigilant and report suspicious movements to the nearest security agency in our areas, ”he noted in the statement.

“Any plot to destabilize Yorubaland will not work and we will resist it. Enough wasted innocent lives in Nigeria. On our side, as members of the YAF, we will continue to mobilize all of our members across Yorubaland to preach and promote peace in the southwest and the rest of Nigeria.

“We will continue to take steps to ensure that no individual or group claiming to express grievances against the government further destroys the economic and social well-being of our people. Our honest advice to any person or group who wishes to let themselves be used by the enemies of peace in the South West and the rest of Nigeria is that they should turn new leaves, embrace and keep working for the welfare of our parents and all other citizens of Nigeria, ”the forum noted.

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