Yoruba forum pleads with Southwest, Nigerian youth to avoid violence

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From Romanus Ugwu Abuja

The Yoruba Appraisal Forum (YAF) appealed to the citizens from the Southwest and youth in Nigeria not to succumb to the urge to disrupt peace in the region, and urged them to leave some groups or individuals who are campaigning for the establishment of an independence for the Yoruba nation state to undermine the region and even the nation.

The forum also encouraged youngsters to exercise extreme care and be vigilant to ensure they are not used to cause instability in the country by non-patriotic groups or individuals. They warned that taking part in any illegal activity could result in serious consequences for them as individuals and in the South West and Nigeria in general.

In a statement issued by the coordinator of its national office, Adeshina Animashaun, made accessible for journalists to read in Abuja the forum demanded the government, the various security agencies as well as other key players in Yorubaland as well as across the nation to rise up to the challenge of ensuring that no person or organization violates peace or provokes violence.

He advised the federal government as well as the governors of six states in the southwest to ensure the presence of enough security officers throughout the region as across the nation in order to improve security and stop any attempt of any kind by anyone or any group to provoke violence.

He also encouraged everyone in the youth to keep peace, and oppose terrorists and agitations for secession by individuals or groups posing as disorder and risking the lives and property.People living in Nigeria’s Southwest in the United States and Nigeria.

“We adhere to the law, patriotic group whose primary objective is to unite all Nigerians within a tranquil and progressive environment.We can’t sit back and watch as a few criminals who are claiming secession inflict terror on the Southwest.Collectively, we must strive to ensure peace on our farms and in our South West and in our beloved country as a whole.

“Our struggle in the name of peace must be a battle for all against these enemies of the state . This fight cannot leave to state on its own.Everyone must be on guard and report any suspicious movement to the nearest security organization within our regions, “he noted in the statement.

“Any plan to undermine Yorubaland won’t work and we will fight any attempt to destabilize Yorubaland.We have had enough of innocent lives being lost in Nigeria.As participants in the YAF We will continue to mobilise all our members throughout Yorubaland to preach and advocate for peace in the southwest as well as across Nigeria.

“We shall continue to take measures in order to make sure that not an one or organization claiming to voice grievances with the government damages the economic and social wellbeing of our citizens.Our honest advice for anyone who would like to be targeted by those who oppose peace within the South West and the rest of Nigeria is to change their minds, embrace and continue to work for the wellbeing of our parents as well as everyone else in Nigeria, “the forum noted.

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