Tanzania: new forum to stimulate appropriate internet use among young people

The Tanzanian section of the INTERNET Society (ISOC-Tanzania) launched a forum through which young people could acquire skills and be sensitized on Internet governance issues.

Dubbed the Tanzania Youth Internet Governance Forum (TzYIGF), it should help the younger generation to avoid any act that could abuse Internet use.

According to Mr. Nazar Kirama, President of ISOC-Tanzania, the members of the forum will be young people from all walks of life, including higher education institutions.

Mr Kirama noted that they had helped the young people within ISOC Tanzania to form their forum where they would participate in the Tanzania Internet Governance Forum (TzIGF) which will take place on Friday this week and in Global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2021 to be held in Poland in Katowice from December 6-10.

The TzIGF is a multi-stakeholder platform for public policy dialogue on internet governance. It involves stakeholders from civil society, government, the technical community, academia and the private sector in the planning and bottom-up consultations of the agenda to arrive at the topics, presentations, themes and sessions to be presented. during the forum.

TzIGF is also part of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum ecosystem known as National and Regional Initiatives (NRIs).

The ecosystem is interdependent, where national Internet governance issues are conveyed to sub-regional, regional and finally to the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UN IGF).

This is done to facilitate a healthy national, regional and global debate on the key issues shaping the evolution of the internet and the way it is governed, organizers said.

TzYIGF Secretary Evelyn Rujuguru said the forum would be useful for young people as the world has now gone digital, where almost everything is done online.

“When young people are made aware of what is available online, they can use the Internet properly, including as a job,” said Evelyn, who is also a third-year computer engineering and technology student at the information at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM).

She argued that the Covid-19 pandemic has offered a lesson in why it is important to have internet skills as several companies have switched to online platforms.

She further stated that, through TzYIGF, young people would have the opportunity to express their views to be taken into account in decision-making regarding Internet uses in the country.

For his part, Albert Misilimbo, a third-year telecommunications engineering student and member of TzYIGF, argued that the forum would publicize the positive things available on the internet.

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