Take a closer look: why you can’t find a rental car in 2021

Summer is approaching and if you are planning to take a vacation you may want to take a closer look at car rentals before you book.

MAINE, USA – Temperatures are rising, as is the interest in taking a summer vacation. If you are starting to make plans, you are not the only one.

A new study by The points guy and Healthline Media shows that half of the adults surveyed plan to make at least one getaway this summer.

If you plan to leave soon, you might run into a roadblock and it’s not on the road. Consumers are seeing a lack of rental cars available in tourist destinations.

So before you book, let’s take a closer look.

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Shortage of rental cars and rising prices

Enthusiastic travelers trying to book vacations after the pandemic find rental cars hard to find and expensive.

When the pandemic hit, car rental companies were hit hard, according to reports. To make up the difference, they sold their fleet.

Now that people are leaving, there is not enough for everyone.

New cars in short supply

According to experts, it will not be easy for rental companies to increase their offer. New cars are also scarce as automakers face a shortage of semiconductor chips.

So now the big rental companies are trying to mix their existing offering to get cars where travelers need them. Right now, that means vehicles are being moved to warm weather states.

At least one person who traveled to Hawaii posted on social media about renting a U-Haul truck when they couldn’t find a rental car, but travel experts don’t recommend this alternative.

Before you book or if you are on a short trip. try to include more days in your search, which may reveal more options.

Be thrifty and look beyond traditional car rental companies. Turo is a form of carsharing that allows owners to rent their vehicles, much like Airbnb for cars.

Or maybe skip the flight for now and take an all-American road trip.

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