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There are some distinct differences between the candidates for the 33rd District Delegate; myself, Dave LaRock, and the challenger, Paul Siker. I believe that any claim made by a candidate regarding another candidate should be attributed to a source.

This comparison information comes from candidate websites and Facebook pages. I hope this will be of use to readers when deciding who will represent them.

Broadband to Rural Homes and Businesses – LaRock was instrumental in shaping the current plan to fund and bring high speed Internet to every home in rural Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick counties. Siker supports rural broadband, but I have not found any evidence or claim that he has put forward the solution.

According to the LaRock website, LaRock is heavily involved in repairing various congested roads and intersections in the western counties of Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick. Siker does not take any position on the transport.

According to the LaRock website, LaRock has voted against all tax increases and pledges never to support a tax increase and supports the elimination of the tax on groceries. Siker stands alongside career tax professionals and makes no mention of his position on taxation.

According to the LaRock website, on the 2nd Amendment, LaRock is endorsed by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, the NRA-PVF and supports the repeal of all anti-gun laws that violate the constitutional rights of citizens. Siker embraces the endorsement of Terry McAuliffe, who supports the ban on the sale of “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines. Siker is supported by “Moms Demand Action,” an extreme gun advocacy group, and takes no position on gun rights on its candidate website.

On Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools, LaRock actively opposes CRT indoctrination in public schools. Siker published an opinion piece in which he claims that CRT is not taught in public schools.

LaRock twice passed school choice for low-income children with special needs, but McAuliffe both vetoed it; LaRock supports keeping schools open and supports a focus on basic academic and vocational education and has introduced legislation to ban divisive political indoctrination in schools; LaRock supports teacher salary increases based on merit. Siker does not have any educational posts on his candidate website.

Major backers for LaRock include a 100% rating by the Virginia Family Foundation, the Virginia Farm Bureau, the NRA and the Virginia Citizens Defense League and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Siker is supported by Planned Parenthood Action, Moms Demand Action, Democratic Senator John Bell, Terry McAuliffe, Mark Herring, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton and other Democrats, according to Facebook and the Webpages.

LaRock supports preserving the competitive advantage and freedom of Virginia employees by opposing forced unionization and dues. Siker is silent on forced unionization and embraces the endorsements of McAuliffe and others that promote forced unionization; the sources are candidate websites and Facebook pages.

When it comes to public safety, LaRock supports fair pay and treatment for police; LaRock successfully secured funding for the new state criminal justice academy in Frederick County and the new state police location in Frederick County and fought for Virginia to meet its obligation. legal to fund sheriff’s deputies, a measure that Democrats have rejected more than once. LaRock supports the fair treatment and punishment of criminals. Siker is backed by Speaker Filler Corn, an anti-law leader. Siker is supported by AG Mark Herring, who supported the unlawful release of violent criminals; Siker claims to oppose the Democrats’ law enforcement agenda; the sources are the applicants’ websites and Facebook pages and various online newspaper articles.

I hope people understand the importance of voting for the person who best represents their values ​​and who has a proven track record for results.

Dave LaRock is a Hamilton resident and candidate for the 33rd District House of Delegates.

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