Mintos excludes loans from Russia and Ukraine to protect investors

Europe-based loan market Mintos has decided to exclude all loans from Russia and Ukraine from its main market to protect investors, according to AltFi.

Mintos is taking a series of measures to protect investors from potential financial fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Earlier, the loan market said it was taking the “precautionary step” of limiting investors’ access to loans from the two countries as part of its conservative strategy, which apparently consists of loan companies with the better portfolio quality.

Mintos has now doubled its measures and now excludes all loans from Russia and Ukraine from its main primary market. The platform also suspended currency exchanges to and from the ruble for all currencies.

Mintos said he will monitor the development of the ruble daily. He said his decision to exclude all loans from Russia and Ukraine from the primary market would begin immediately and last until further notice.

Mintos’ decision will impact loans from Creditter, DoZarplati, EcoFinance, Kviku, Lime, Mikro Kapital, Mokka and Soscrdit. Mintos previously cut access to loans issued in Kazakhstan, in response to social upheaval in the country.

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