Make your prospect say yes


5. Call your prospect to take action. We are American. We’re buying something because it’s on sale. “It’s good that you came today. We are holding a sale on all costumes by [designer]. Only one day. “It can work the other way around.” You’re lucky. We only have one costume from this designer, but it’s your size. “

Financial services: There are many reasons you can think of for making a timely decision. The insurance company may have announced a reduction in the rate of return on all policies written after a certain date. If you buy now, you enter before the deadline.

6. Don’t leave business on the table. The classic is McDonald’s “Would you like fries with that?” The post office clerk will ask, “Do you need more stamps today?” The clothes seller will ask, “Do you need a tie to go with this costume?”

Financial services: The financial plan often reveals many customer needs. Don’t go for the easier ones and ignore the others. These are unmet needs that must be addressed.

What if they don’t buy?

Here’s the big challenge: You’ve followed the process, step by step. They said, “Let me think about it.” You need to request more information. Let’s leave the clothing store behind and focus on examples of financial services.

1. The timing is wrong. They may be considering buying, but not now. They may be waiting for their bonus to arrive. They do advanced research.

Strategy: Find out about their schedule. Line up with it.

2. It’s a joint decision. They want to talk to their spouse or partner.

Strategy: It is a reasonable request. Do they have enough information to explain everything? You would be happy to help. Establish a schedule for the reconnection.

3. The amount is wrong. Either way, the person with implied investment products of $ 25,000 with a minimum of $ 250,000 was suitable.

Strategy: Your business offers different products for people at different investment levels. Explain why the one you are about to mention is suitable.

4. The product is too expensive. They focus on the costs. They offer a “free” alternative.

Strategy: You have several approaches. The first is to compare apples to apples. The “free” alternative has costs; they are just not so obvious. What are these costs? Another is the “big picture”. Investing is a long term relationship. The actual transaction to invest is only part of the process. Discounting is another alternative.

You can look at the clothing store analogy and say, “Investing is different.” Getting to know a person, making appropriate suggestions, and helping them make a decision is another way to describe the sales process. There are commonalities across all of these examples, as they are considered best practice.

Bryce Sanders is President of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. He provides training on HNW client acquisition for the financial services industry. His book, “Captivating the Wealthy Investor,” can be found on Amazon.


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