MacBook Air M2 Teardown, Thunderbolt Docks, and More on the AppleInsider Podcast

The new MacBook Air M2 is entering our lives as “Ted Lasso” prepares to leave, and surely we all need a great Thunderbolt docking station. And advice on macOS and iOS 16, all on the new AppleInsider podcast.

New M2 MacBook Air teardown videos have been released, but they add more mysteries than they solve. Along with showing how well-designed and well-engineered the device is, they definitely show that the MacBook Air has an accelerometer — for some unknown reason.

Also, there is some debate here, but some sources claim that the new device also has a U1 chip. So it’s conceivable that you could drop the MacBook Air, which would permanently trigger the accelerometer, and then you could use the U1 chip to find the device at your feet.

So there’s just a chance Apple has more plans for the MacBook Air than it’s revealed so far.

While everyone is waiting to see what these additional components of the MacBook Air will be used for, many people wish that “Ted Lasso” did not come to an end. It was always meant to be three seasons and it is, but it’s true that the star and co-creator has occasionally hinted at a fourth run.

If you’re looking for something to watch in its place, try turning to that forgotten pile of DVDs and Blu-rays you have. Using Plex, you can create your own private streaming service.

When you have a lot of data, like videos, or need to transfer files quickly, you should also look for a Thunderbolt docking station. AppleInsider has selected the best for each use, and for each budget too.

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