Hehe World Culture Forum 2021 Held In Taizhou, Zhejiang

Du Zhanyuan, president of CICG, Wu jing, vice-president of CPPCC of Zhejiang province, Yukio Hatoyama, former prime minister of Japan and President of the East Asian Community Institute, Han nathan, Consul General of the Republic of Malta in Shanghai, and Li Yueqi, secretary of the Taizhou CCP municipal committee, gave opening speeches, and Lu Cairong, vice president of CICG, presided over the opening ceremony. About 150 people including politicians, representatives of international organizations, foreign envoys in China, international sinologists, experts and academics from relevant think tanks, universities and research institutes from more than a dozen countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, and France participated in the seminar.

Du Zhanyuan pointed out that the Hehe culture, originating from Tiantai Mountain, is an incredible treasure of Chinese culture of harmony. It advocates a culture of peace, harmony and friendship, which will be inspiring in terms of improving global governance and solving common challenges for humanity. Facing the future, we must first advocate harmony in differences and genuine multilateralism; second, we must adhere to win-win cooperation and build an open world economy; third, we must defend humanism and promote the common values ​​of all mankind.

As the main cradle of Hehe culture, Wu jing noted, Zhejiang has the responsibility to uphold the values ​​of harmony in differences and generate great beauty by combining different merits, to take the initiative to think and act, and to explore and actively seek solutions to common problems to which faces the whole of human society.

Yukio Hatoyama believes, Hehe diplomacy means that the two parties cannot completely deny each other due to different points of view, but they must make efforts to reconcile in order to establish a win-win situation.

During the forum, the CICG and the Advertising Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee signed the “Strategic cooperation agreement”. CICG, Zhejiang Provincial Committee Advertising Department and Taizhou Government signed the “Framework agreement for the institutionalization of the Hehe World Culture Forum (2022-2024)” Meanwhile, the award ceremony “The international communication and cooperation base of Chinese culture” and “the international Hehe culture station”, the unveiling ceremony of “Tiantaishan Hehe Cultural Fund”, and the release of the multilingual book series by “Keywords to understand China” and the research book series of “Tiantaishan Hehe Culture” were all successfully organized.

Hehe Culture Global Forum is an institutionalized international conference that takes place in the form of forums, and from 2022, the Forum will organize international conferences and other relevant events every year.

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