Gundam Gunpla Sales Soar For 2021

Mobile Suit Gundam has taken on new avenues over the years since its debut in the 1970s with the original animated series that gave us the first mech units via the war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. With the Gundam franchise having a new TV series set to arrive this year in The Witch of Mercury, as well as a new movie that will give the “lost episode” of the original series a new makeover, it looks like the models plastic Gundam saw a very strong sales record in a recent report.

The first plastic Gundam model arrived in 1980, selling for a mere three dollars and giving fans a new collectible model that represented the animated series’ first mech suit. Since that initial product, Gunplas has sold hundreds of millions of different models over the decades, normally giving fans new versions of already established Gundam suits while often taking the opportunity to create models that hadn’t appeared. in an animated series before. With the coronavirus pandemic having a number of people staying home from the virus, Gunplas sales have surged in response, and it looks like that trend is continuing.

For 2021, Gunplas sold 10% more than the previous year’s totals, with April to December 2021 registering an increase of approximately 9.7% and earning Bandai Namco over $290 million. Gunplas was in such demand in 2020 that Bandai Namco used a new facility to continue production in the face of events such as the series’ 40th anniversary and the upcoming live-action Gundam movie which is in the works at Netflix. With many more Gundam series and movies in the works, we doubt Bandai Namco will stop production of these plastic models anytime soon.

One of the largest recreations of the Gundam mech suit is the “Walking Gundam” in Japan, which has the ability to take a number of steps on a platform and be a life-size version of the mech suit. anime’s best known. Scheduled to continue walking until 2023, it will be interesting to see if any life-size Mobile Suit Gundam statues are erected.

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