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The Friends of Fairview Public Library welcomed friends old and new to its August Book Sale.

It was the first sale in 18 months, and it was met with great enthusiasm, organizers said.

“We got a lot of feedback from visitors who were happy to see the book sale resume,” said Gerald Suchomski, president of book sales. “It was a long time coming. We had good sized crowds every day.

Having no way to organize a book sale for more than a year in addition to the items collected during two days of donations organized during the COVID-19 pandemic, the storage shed was full and the inventory of the sale was at an all-time high. As a result, the fundraiser generated over $ 2,600 in sales and supporter contributions.

“Some people would tell us to keep the change. Others have made thoughtful contributions. We were so appreciated by people, ”Suchomski said.

The group also thanked its new members and others who helped before, during and after the sale.

“We had a great turnout from volunteers, including many high school students who did a quick and easy job of moving the books to and from the shed. It was a big help, ”Suchomski said.

The Friends of the Fairview Public Library are once again able to accept donations on an ongoing basis at the Fairview Public Library during opening hours. Donations of hardcover, paperback and children’s books are welcome, as are DVDs, audiobooks on CDs and music CDs. Damaged or moldy books, VHS tapes or cassettes, manuals, reference books such as dictionaries or atlases, outdated technical books or books in foreign languages ​​are not accepted.

FOFL also has a bookshelf at the library near the cash desk where used books are always available.

For more information on donations or what FOFL does and how to become a member, email [email protected] or follow the group on Facebook.

The next sale is scheduled for February 2022.


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