‘Earthrise’ is for sale. The first historic photo of Earth seen from the Moon goes on sale this weekend in New York and could fetch $200,000

One of the most famous photographs ever taken well this weekend goes on sale at the New York Book Fair, and is predicted to sell for up to $200,000.

At the 62nd New York International Antiquarian Book Fair (NYIABF) at the Park Avenue Armory from April 21-24, 2022, Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps will feature a particularly rare type of “Earthrise.”

“Earthrise” is often thought to be an image taken by astronaut William Anders aboard the Apollo 8 spacecraft on December 24, 1968 as it orbited the Moon.

It was the first photograph taken by a human of Earth from the Moon, but it wasn’t really the first “Earthrise” image ever taken.

That honor goes to that taken by the Lunar Orbiter 1 probe on August 23, 1966 – the first image of Earth from the Moon (and the first image of Earth and Moon from space). It was greeted with the title “First historic photo of Earth seen from deep space”.

This is a framed original of that image which will be at NYIABF this weekend.

“This photo is extremely important both to the history of human activity and to our understanding of our planet’s place in the Universe,” said Alex Clausen, President and CEO of Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique. Maps. “Today, collectors’ interest in space-related photographic materials has increased dramatically, with Earthrise images being considered the most desirable of all space photography.”

A large Earthrise print recently sold at auction in London for £150,000/$200,000.

“To our knowledge, the example we will be exhibiting at NYIABF is the largest print of this August 1966 photo to have been on the market,” Clausen said. “It comes from the collection of a veteran of Boeing’s public relations and publicity department who joined the company in 1961, and the photo is accompanied by additional contemporary documentation to support its 1966 dating.”

Lunar Orbiter 1, the first American spacecraft to orbit the Moon, was built by Boeing.

Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps will also sell two Apollo program atlases, specifically for Apollo 13 and Apollo 15.

These are copies of the viewing guide that astronauts can read in lunar orbit. They show the main lunar features on 21 pages and also include details of the sightings they should attempt.

There is no record of any other copies being offered for sale previously.

I wish you clear skies and big eyes.

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