Does the world need a declaration of monetary independence?

A collaborative effort in the bitcoin community to establish the reasons for the separation of money and state.

There comes a time, in the face of great unease and uncertainty, when one is forced to defy an established set of rules with which they may conflict. Social contracts are a necessity for the organization and development of civilization.

Cultures and societies – as well as governments – can become obsolete – or inferior – as our species and technology advance, advancing our understanding of where we are with each other. Where one might find that the rules they abide by no longer serve them, but constrain and oppress.

“Excess of freedom, whether of the state or of individuals, seems to go only through an excess of slavery. “- Plato, The Republic

Today, the state enjoys this excess of freedom.

Today, the state has unlimited access to our data.

Today the state has the power of our time.

Today the state has the power of our attention.

Today, the state has power over our future.

245 years ago, the world was saturated with authoritarian and aristocratic government… a privileged few chose to sacrifice the comforts of the present because they saw the seemingly insurmountable task of attempting to secure freedoms for the future as a noble cause. A future that was not a guaranteed victory to be experienced during his lifetime. But a good cause nonetheless.

Where a handful of American settlers stood up against tyranny, in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Where the small number has resisted the large number, against all odds and all the resources at their disposal.

With sheer strength of will, tenacity and spirit, the Outsiders refused to surrender because they knew they were standing up for what was right and true.

We are at a very similar crossroads, again. We don’t know what exactly is going on in our world. But we see many people around the world sacrificing their rights and the rights of their neighbors in search of “security” and comfort. This is where we find great opportunity – in the face of uncertainty and discomfort.

We have the opportunity to stand up, once again, for what is right.

Only this time, we are not limited to a single nation or a single geography. Thanks to technological progress, we, as a people united on a global scale, can call for common action.

Only this time we can unite in a cause where all benefit, without the need for a violent revolution.

This time, we cut the link between money and the state.

“Nothing else in the world … not all armies … is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo, The future of man

There comes a time … when an individual is offered a choice; whether they play a part in history as progress knocks on their door, or whether they resist change and defend “the old ways”.

The decision to take the orange pill. or the blue pill.

Will you stand up for the right to get rid of the shackles of state power?

Are you going to stand up and declare your monetary independence from an unjust and broken system?

Sign the Declaration of Monetary Independence here, or by clicking on the graphic below:

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