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CoinLoan, a licensed crypto lending platform, recently partnered with Blaze Data Safety (Blaze), a cybersecurity agency with a global presence.

The goal of collaborating with Blaze was to verify the infrastructure of CoinLoan, which strengthens the security of each consumer and helps to present the best degree of cyber protection.

Since 2016, Blaze has performed more than 1,500 penetration testing initiatives for monetary institutions. In the words of Julio Cesar Fort, the Managing Director and Director of Qualified Suppliers, “we have seen multinational banks with countless cybersecurity hotspots, and crypto businesses struggling to stay on top of the rising tide of cybercrime. related to cryptography.”

On June 14, 2022, Blaze launched a 15-day penetration check involving targeted attacks on CoinLoan’s infrastructure.

Primarily based on OWASP Prime 10, OWASP Prime 10 Cellular, OWASP API Safety Prime 10, and different security methodology tests, Blaze assessed CoinLoan’s resistance to points in a number of areas: business logic points, security manipulation, Forex Rounding, Currency Fraud Contingencies, KYC Bypass, and Knowledge Leaks

In response to the findings, CoinLoan’s security requirements stand out as exceptionally sparse, with in-depth information on potential threats and a 2-hour response time for resolving issues. Julio Cesar Fort concluded, “Our group was very impressed with CoinLoan’s preliminary security requirements, and we are proud to have helped them further strengthen these requirements and provide their prospects with a clear overview of the steps they are taking. to keep their investments protected.

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