Collaborative web forum between the University of Thessaly and the Australian Collaborative Research Center SmartSat CRC

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Thessaly is organizing a web forum to mark the start of its collaboration with the Australian Collaborative Research Center SmartSat CRC. The forum will take place in English on December 15, 2021 from 11am to 1pm (ATH), on the following MS-TEAMS link: / 0LWEwMTAtMDc4NDJm / 0? context =% 7b% 22Tid% 22% 3a% 223180bf70-17cc-44f6-90a4-5c9476625295% 22% 2c% 22Oid% 22% 3a% 229ec9216d-b150-40de-b0d1-1bc9d2090686% 22% 7d

The forum is aimed at academics, researchers, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students, postgraduates and final year undergraduate students, not only from the ECE department, and not only from the University of Thessaly, but also for the entrepreneurial community more large, and its objective is to inform interested parties about the prospects for synergies with SmartSat CRC.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Thessaly begins a collaboration with the Australian Collaborative Research Center SmartSat CRC, which brings together around 130 partners and is the largest collaborative effort between universities, research centers and the industry in Australian history. Although research and development in space technology is the primary mission of SmartSat CRC, since research fields are generally communicating vessels, many specialized fields support its main activities and, conversely, many derived from research and of space technology can be deployed in many other fields of application.

The research activity targeted at SmartSat CRC which includes, among others, telecommunications and advanced networks, advanced satellite systems, sensors, artificial intelligence, collection and extraction of big data from observations of Earth from space, can be associated with research activities and staff of the ECE Department, in respective and complementary fields, in order to foster the creation of a critical mass in terms of knowledge and technologies and produce applications both interesting and useful for the national, regional and local economy.

The event organizers are Aspassia Daskalopulu and Steve Bakalis, SmartSAT CRC Ambassador in Greece.

The program is as follows:
11.00 Vision of an Australian Space Cooperative Research Center by Professor Andy Koronios, CEO and Managing Director of SmartSat CRC and Emeritus Professor at the University of South Australia
11.10 Promoting Research Excellence and Innovation by Professor Allison Kealy, SmartSat CRC Research Capabilities Coordinator and Professor of Geospatial Sciences, RMIT
11.20 Research program: Themes, roadmap and demonstrators by Dr Carl Seubert, Research Director SmartSat CRC
11:30 Collaborative R&D enabling industry growth for the space and space sectors by Mr. Peter Kerr, leader of the Indo-Pacific capacity demonstrator SmartSat CRC
12h00 Defect Engineering Strategies for Radiation Resistance CCDs for Space Applications by Prof. Alexandros Chroneos, Professor of Computational Modeling and Simulation of ECE Systems
12.10 Advanced Techniques for Managing Big Geospatial Data by Professor Michael Vassilakopoulos, Professor of ECE Spatial Databases
12.20 EDA Tools and Methodologies by Professor George Stamoulis, Professor of VLSI ECE Digital Circuit Design and Dean of Thessaly Engineering University

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