Broward election officials correct address errors for nearly 1,600 voters – NBC 6 South Florida

The Broward County Supervisor of Elections office told NBC 6 it was correcting address errors for 1,577 voters after their information was mixed up when the office redrew precinct and policy boundaries after the redistricting.

A viewer contacted NBC 6 investigators after noticing her ZIP code and address had been changed on the county’s website, where you can find your voter information. She told NBC 6 that her address had been changed from Wilton Manors to Pompano Beach.

Although she didn’t want to be on camera, she shared with NBC 6 screenshots from online forums where other neighbors wrote that it had happened to them too.

NBC 6 reported this situation to Broward Election Supervisor Joe Scott, who confirmed the error and asked staff to correct it.

“In some of the cities you live in, you may sometimes receive mail that has a different city than the one you live in,” Supervisor Scott said.

Scott told NBC 6 his office identified a similar issue with 1,577 voters, which is about 0.1% of the county’s 1.2 million total voters.

He said his staff was fixing the problem manually.

After each decennial census, lawmakers and election officials redraw precincts and political boundaries in city, school, state, and congressional elections. This is called redistricting.

Broward County has 31 different municipalities and many people live at the same addresses but in different towns.

For example, the Metropolitan, where the viewer who contacted us lives, is located at 1220 NE 24e Wilton Manors Street. There is also a 1220 NE 24e Pompano Beach Street.

Scott said the computer program redrawing neighborhoods and maps couldn’t tell the difference, leading to confusion.

“There is always a possibility of error,” Scott said, “In this case, the program thought Wilton Manors was in Pompano.”

NBC 6 has asked the company that created the mapping program, Esri, for comment and has yet to receive a response.

NBC 6 wanted to see if this happened to any other Wilton Manors neighbors, so our crew went knocking on doors to find out.

“I think it’s kinda screwed up,” Michael Sansevero said.

Sansevero has lived at Wilton Manors since 2010. He checked online to see if his information was correct and verified.

“It’s good,” Sansevero said.

Several other people we spoke to in the neighborhood were unaware of the error and also went online to check if their information was correct, which it was.

Supervisor Scott urges people to do the same, just to make sure everything is okay on Election Day.

“We invite you to take a look at this voter information card and if there is anything you are concerned about, please give us a call,” Scott said.

Voters must vote in their assigned constituency on polling day.

It is important to note that address updates can be made on election day if a problem is detected.

Voters who have moved and have not notified the election office will be directed to their new constituency by election workers.

To view your voter information and verify its accuracy, click here.

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