Author Carlton Baker’s new book “Demanding the Sale: Demand Your Life” is motivational work offering insight and encouragement to aspiring sales professionals

Recent publication “Demanding the Sale: Demand Your Life” by the author of Page Publishing Carlton Baker is a slim but thought-provoking volume that leverages ten years of sales experience into an accessible self-help guide to personal and professional success.

OAKLAND, Tenn., May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Carlton Bakera Florida native and sales professional who played Division 1 football in college, dabbled in professional boxing, founded two trucking companies and now lives with Rachele, his wife of fifteen years, and their three beauties girls, London, Milanoand Parishas completed his new book “Demanding the Sale: Demand Your Life”: an inspirational guide to success in all areas of sales.

The author writes: “’Asking for sales’ is about inspiring and motivating people to meet life’s challenges. ‘Asking for Sales’ is a life lesson for anyone who is going through trials and tribulations while working towards the important things in their lives, whether it’s a family, a career, of a business or simply self-improvement. We must understand that everything takes time and discipline. “Ask for the sale” is a metaphor as well as details about how we live our lives. In order to overcome difficulties and blockages in life, you have to demand what you want when you want it. Everything is based on sales and demand, which allows us to improve and train ourselves in our respected trades. To be in demand, we must be in demand. We must be able to beat the competition and earn our place in life so that we can help others do the same. By demanding the sale, we get one step closer to demanding our end. goal. Confidence comes when we overcome obstacles and challenges in life. So that we succeed and give back to our community and to our people whether we inspire or not. We have to overcome ourselves and become more than just a person, but we have to do our best to become a person of value so that we can help someone else. Demand is trust and sales capture; so my goal in writing this book is for you to capture their confidence, change their thinking, and apply these principles you just read to change your life. I hope you had as much fun reading this book as I had writing it and sharing my experiences and challenges with you. I pray that God will continue to bless you and guide you on your journey to a life filled with joy and happiness.”

Published by Page Publishing, Carlton Baker’s engaging book is a great choice for new or budding sales professionals in any industry.

Readers wishing to experience this captivating tome can purchase “Demanding the Sale: Demand Your Life” in bookstores around the world or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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