5 things to know this weekend

Upcoming forest fire season; Investigation into the firing of candidates; Olympia’s approach to RV parking; Elliott Bay books sold; Stuffed animal found.


Wildfire season could be more ‘normal’ this summer

Washington Department of Natural Resources officials hope the wildfire season will be less intense than in recent years due to heavy rains and snow accumulation.

Yet they are preparing for the worst.

The DNR has 120 engines planned to maintain the fires this year, as in 2021.

“It’s great to have this rain with the drought that we have across the northwest, but also to recognize the fact that things could change very quickly,” said Crystal Raymond, climate adaptation specialist at the Climate Impacts Group from the University of Washington. Read more

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office to take over shooting investigation involving council candidate

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office will resume the investigation into a shooting in Tacoma involving a candidate for Pierce County Council after the district attorney’s office raised concerns about a possible conflict of interest.

Candidate Josh Harris is accused of shooting a suspected car thief outside a scout office this week in what Harris told police was self-defense.

Pierce County District Attorney Mary Robnett on Friday asked the Tacoma Police Department to turn the investigation over to a third party after Robnett learned that the union representing Tacoma police officers had endorsed Harris in his bid for council and that Harris had paid for sequels to Rainiers games for members in the past. Read more

Olympia’s new approach to RV parking

The city last week asked people living in vehicles along the quarter-mile stretch of Ensign Road to agree to a list of terms. These conditions include proper disposal of trash and human waste and only one lawn chair per person outside of the vehicle. Residents may not engage in violent behavior.

Thirty-three vehicle owners received permits. After just over a week, none have been revoked, according to Olympia’s homeless response coordinator Kim Kondrat. Read more

Elliott Bay Book Co. Sold to Longtime Director, Capitol Hill Business Owners

Seattle’s Elliott Bay Book Company has been sold to its chief executive for more than three decades and married Capitol Hill business owners.

Peter Aaron has sold the nearly 50-year-old Seattle institution on Capitol Hill after 23 years to chief executive Tracy Taylor and Murf Hall and Joey Burgess of Burgess Hall Group. Read more

Bad Memorial Day weekend traffic led to a lost toy being found

What started as a Memorial Day weekend road trip ended in a social media frenzy for a lost dinosaur toy, and on Friday, the child was reunited with his beloved stuffed animal.

Carlyn Schmidgall and Megan Larson were traveling through eastern Washington in horrible holiday weekend traffic when they spotted a green dinosaur lying by the side of the road. Larson said it was a time when traffic slowdowns were a good thing.

“We just opened the door and slowly ripped it out,” Larson said. “My brother just had a baby, so I know how kids are with their stuffed pals.” Read more

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